Do you feel like you get a sense of Italian culture when you taste a great piece of pizza or enjoy some nice authentic Italian food? Maybe you’re related to someone that is Italian or you have an Italian friend. There is a certain Italian restaurant and pizzeria a block away from my condo on the boulevard. It was run by an Italian family who sold it to another family who runs it the same way. That is how I get my piece of Italian culture.

I always said that if I were to visit another foreign country, Italy would be at the top of the list. It is a country with picturesque scenery, the best architecture, a great history and much more. What do you know about Italian culture and the country of Italy? One thing you should be familiar with but may need a reminder about is the fact that Italian culture has everything to do with family.

The first thing that came to mind when I pondered Italian culture and family was the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. This show was about an Italian family whose parents lived across the street from them. It was very funny, and I guess you could say it was another way to get a piece of Italian culture without having to visit Italy. Of course, you can get quite a bit of information about Italian culture online, too.

It’s not just food and family that are important to Italians. Think about all the famous artists and the musicians and singers that have come from there. The arts are an important part of Italian culture, as is architecture and certain traditions. Another huge part of Italian culture is the fashion industry, with names like Versace and Gucci.